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White Russia Expanded

After the release of No Step Back, one of the first playthroughs I tried was the new counter-revolutionary path for the Soviet Union, but felt after the civil war, the resulting Russia was relatively weak, and its focus tree lacked clear direction. As it turns out, there is a significant amount of cut content regarding Russia in NSB. This mod takes inspiration from this cut content, and aims to address the problems that I felt the Exiles' tree has.


Expansion of the Exiles' focus tree

  • Organises the focus tree around the Zemsky Sobor focus - the outcome of which now will define the political path for Russia
  • The Beaten, But not Defeated tree has now been re-organised and expanded, adding new paths, and making them more clear and distinct from one another
  • Completes the democratic path that was cut from the NSB dlc, creating a constitutional monarchy under Tsar Vsevolod. The Constitutional Monarchy is now the one who can reform the triple entente, and takes control of the new 'Eastern Front' faction, maintaining Russia's leading role despite working with the Allies
  • Re-organises the Tsarist path under Vladimir III, and restructures 'Pan-Slavic Nationalism' to now call a Pan-Slavic Congress, so that the quest for Slavic Unity can be pursued in a similar way to Britain's Imperial Federation
  • Changes the odd 'Church Candidates' path into a proper political path, with its own goals, making the transition to theocracy -a bit- more believable. Also incorporates some of the cut devolution and regional focuses here.
  • Revamps the fascist path into two distinct paths which favour alliances with either Germany or Japan, making a target of the other

A less stable White Movement

  • Historically, the Russian White Movement was highly divided, co-ordinated poorly with itself, and included a variety of political views, varying from the Pro-Democratic members of the Provisional Government to hardline Nationalists and Proto-Fascists. During the Civil War, these factions often disagreed with one another, and even conducted internal coups against one another, generating greater instability, and ultimately, playing into the hands of the Bolsheviks.
  • Thus, the exiles who return to Russia now represent this broader movement, with military including both conservative members of the influential ROVS, who conducted most of the White's military campaigns during the Civil War, as well as those who have been influenced by European fascism during their years in exile. Equally, more political advisors now join the exile's ranks, representing the both the democratic and nationalist movements within the old State Duma.
  • As the Civil War rages on, some nations will attempt to break away in open revolt like in vanilla, but other territories will now also become destabilised as Russian authority wanes, losing you cores on non-Russian states as smaller independence movements start off low-level resistance
  • When it becomes certain that Stalin is going to be defeated, these factions start looking forward towards Russia's future, and will quickly see once again that there is great division within the White Movement on what Russia should look like and how it should be run. You will have to keep the factions in check, or the new Russia may end up being just as unstable and purge-happy as it was before the counter-revolution
  • Once victory is achieved, you will also have to decide on what has to be done about the remaining communist officials running around the country....

New Portaits and Commanders

  • Imperial Russia no longer inexplicably only has 7 field marshals, but instead a whole contingent of officers that easily put it on par with the officer corps of the Red Army, replete with a military theorist and candidates for service branch heads
  • Imperial Russia now also will have some admirals to command its fleet
  • Some breakaway tags also have been given new commanders and political leaders, adding some extra flavour to the civil war
  • Various fixes and improvements

Version 06.02.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.x)

  • Bug fix


Version 23.01.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.x)


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