Mod «Victorian Flavor Mod» for Victoria 3 (v1.0.x)

Victorian Flavor Mod

VFM is a comprehensive overhaul mod for Victoria 3 that aims to be a successor to the many mods that expanded on and improved Victoria 2, with a major focus on creating a more realistic simulation with minimal railroading.

This is a preliminary build to set the foundation for future content.

VFM is highly unlikely to be compatible with most other mods that alter states. To ensure the mod's own stability, it must be below any that do in the launcher's load order.


Q: Is this mod compatible with [x]?
A: At this point in development, odds are it is unless it also modifies game rules or the map. In the future, the only mods that will be fully compatible and not destroy balance will likely be cosmetic or QoL mods.

Q: Can I help with the mod?
A: Join our Discord server below and reach out.

Q: Is the mod complete?
A: No...


  • Overhauled North America borders
  • Additional game rules

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