The Obama Accelerator for Teardown

The Obama Accelerator

The Obama Accelerator is a prototype weapon developed by the United States Government that draws power from Barack Obama's voice lines to create an explosive clone of Obama. This Obama clone is then accelerated to a high velocity, which explodes upon impact.


Charge the weapon by clicking right mouse button. This will play a random Obama voice line that gives the weapon a number of charges based on the length of the voice line. IMPORTANT: You may spam right click to get many charges quickly. (you can spam right click to get a lot of rounds, you don't have to wait for voice lines to finish). Left mouse button fires the weapon, accelerating an explosive Obama towards your target. The number of charges remaining is displayed at the bottom of the screen. :)


-12 unique Obama voice lines that charge the weapon
-11 unique Obama skins of his projectiles
-An exciting recharge, with which the number of charges received per voice line corresponding with the length of the voice line (charges are received instantly).
-4 beeping noises to easily distinguish between ammo capacities. For example, there is a beeping noise when the weapon drops below 10 rounds, and another when the weapon needs to be recharged. (3 appear in the video, though they are slightly faster than the real thing)

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