Pyromania for Teardown


New system with performance level adjustment! With even less lag™️ Shockwaves, huge cinematic fireballs, flamethrowing, bunker busting, safe and legal action! Drop remotely detonated bombs (B) and blow them up (X). Fire a bunker busting rocket that breaks into a target and rips it inside out (LMB), or incinerate with the flamethrower (RMB). Not dangerous enough? press (M) for an explosion somewhere exexpected! Check out the options in game (O), and because you asked for it, RAINBOW MODE.

But there's still lag, I hear you say.

Head over to the in-game options (O) and set the boomness level to something appropriate for your system. You can also try turning down the physical destruction modifier for the weapons. There's still going to be plenty of fire and mayham but fewer holes in the walls.

Want your own Smerp ragdolls?

If you want some fun little ragdolls to VAPORIZE, might I recommend my Smerp Spawner mod to you? They scream! You can automatically fill a map with them!

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