[HANDS] G36K for Teardown


A modern German assault rifle chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO cartidge, manufactured by Heckler and Koch. The G36K is shortened version of the G36 and is used by military and police forces around the world.


  • LMB to shoot
  • RMB to aim
  • Alt + RMB to alt aim
  • R to reload - in realistic mode, tap to quick reload or hold to select a magazine, or clear jams if gun malfunctions
  • V to change fire mode
  • Q and E to lean
  • T for attachments menu - available outside of realism mode
  • X to melee
  • B to turn side attachment on and off
  • C to switch to canted sight
  • Y to inspect weapon
  • H to inspect magazine - available only in realism mode
  • Mouse wheel + click and drag to move weapon in options menu
  • Shift to hide attachments menu in options
  • MMB to change clothes (kinda temporary)


  • Dynamic recoil
  • Animations for reloading and changing fire modes and inspecting
  • Bolt animations and shell ejection
  • Full sound effects
  • Bullet penetration
  • Attachments menu
  • Many different attachments that affect weapon handling
    • Sights - Holographic, Red Dot, ACOG Scope, G33 Magnifier
    • Barrels - Short, Medium, Long
    • Barrel attachments - Muzzle break, Suppressor
    • Magazines - 30rnd, 40rnd, 60rnd, 100rnd
    • Grips - Vertical, Angled, Bipod, AG36
    • Side - Laser, Flashlight, Rangefinder
    • Removable stock - Present, removed
  • AG36 grenade launcher [Coming soon! (or not lmao its been like 6 months)]
  • Damage Slider
  • Realism mode
  • Customizable controls [COMING SOON]
  • Customizable color [COMING SOON]
  • HANDS [NEW!]

AG36 ranges:

  • Dot - 0m
  • 1st line - 65m
  • 2nd line - 80m
  • 3rd line - 90m
  • 4th line - 100m
  • 5th line - 110m

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