Ballistic Shield & Pistol for Teardown

Ballistic Shield & Pistol

A ballistic shield that protect you from incoming bullets, and a pistol to shoot back.
It can also protect you from flame throwing robots, and some explosion.
But only when they hit the front of the shield, it can't protect your back.
Stowed on your back when not using the tool, or press "R" to stow it manually.

Includes two different shields, one is "R6S" like, the other one is more "Ready or Not" like.
And custom bullet impact sound effect, not very noticeable though cuz the gunshots are too loud.

The shield will be twitching a little bit when player moves, and as player looks down the shield will move away from player to prevent prop flying.


  • LMB = shoot
  • RMB = ADS
  • X = melee (customizable)
  • R = stowing shield (customizable)
  • Q = stowing and despawn shield (customizable)


Basically, manual stowing has a higher priority than default stowing.
Considering we have two manual stowing modes and a default stowing mode, I should write some instruction of how these modes work.

First, the default stowing.
It means when you switch to other tools without manually stowing the shield. It has two modes, keep it on your back or despawn it.

Second, manual stowing.
R = stowing shield and keep it on your back. Q = despawn the shield after stowing animation.
If you switch to other tools after manually stowing it, it will keep the stowing condition you chose. And if you want to put the shield back in front of you, both Q and R would work.

For example: I have my default mode set on "Despawn it" but I pressed R to stowed the shield manually, then the shield will still be on my back instead of being despawned, and it will keep being on my back until I switch back to this tool again.

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