Mega Prop Pack for Teardown

Mega Prop Pack

This was a project i did to recreate every single prop used on every single map in Teardown.

This list will update as i update the mod and add more models. Right now there are more than 2200 models! 2249 to be exact. don't credit me if you choose to use these models. They are not mine!

To use the model you have the ingame editor added in the experimental version. They all use different color palettes so they wouldnt match any of your maps colors if you were to add them through Magicavoxel.

Thank you SO MUCH to Rubikow, TTFH and Scandal for tricking out my vehicle recreations with proper light and for remaking vehicle models for everyone to use! ENJOY!

Biggest thanks to Thomasins for the measuring mod I used for 90% of this mod. It has been such a help.
Thanks to Micro for updating it :)

Thank you TTFH For the Isle Estocastica Foliage Recreations.


  • MANY New Props

Version 25.05.23 for Teardown

  • Added every single prop to the spawn menu, said screw it and just wrote a script to do it for me. Works perfect.

    Unfortunately, because a script did it. Props no longer have any functionality at all, and they will not be assembled correctly in most cases if they have moving parts/other pieces.

    Alongside this.

    Various renaming of props, if you create maps and use this mod. Would be good to just delete your old folder and replace it with the new one.

    - robot_spider renamed to robot_spiderbot
    - Tilaggaryd tools voxes prefixed with "tools_"
    - bushes.vox in the foliage folder prefixed with "foliage_"
    - helicopter.vox in the vehicles folder renamed to "helicopter_body"
    - ALL Quilez voxboxes prefix renamed from "Quilez_" to "Quillez_" to match the incorrect spelling the other props use.
    - Removed cullington_roads from main Cullington folder, only in voxboxes now.


Version 15.12.22 for Teardown

  • New content


Version 03.12.22 for Teardown


Version 08.05.22 for Teardown


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