Impact Body [ΛUTUMNATIC] for Teardown

Impact Body [ΛUTUMNATIC]

Impact Bodies are crash dummy like bipeds, fling them, trip them, and shred their bodies against the ground like a cheese grater. But these aren't just your typical ragdolls, they try their best to balance and stabilize themselves in a at least somewhat realistic way.

They can be spawned from the Spawn Menu. Hitting play will load a test area

Want to make remodels and use them in your own maps or mods?
Go right ahead, though, please give credit and have a link back to this mod in the description, Thank you.

Will the mod be updated?
Maybe, I am currently in school so everything is slowed down. I might add small updates every now and then, but don't count on it.

To answer a question that was asked a lot, Will there be a destructible version? : No, at least there are no plans to anyway. I will leave that department to @SnakeyWakey for now.

Known Bugs
Impact Bodies won't collide with each other, this is because the shapes that make up the Impact Body are intersecting with one another, and while this allows for a slimmer design, the trade off is the collision.

File info

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