House for Teardown


A detailed House

In every room there is a box on the ceiling, these are the heat / fire detectors as soon as there is a fire in a room, the fire detector in this room goes on after a few seconds all other fire detectors go on too. You have to put out the fire before you can reset the alarm on one of the fire detectors or on the new fire alarm system. On the new fire alarm system you can deactivate the fire alarm / reset the fire detectors or see which fire detectors are connected/not destroyed and which are disconnected/destroyed.

To use the fire alarm system just stand in front of it and look at the systembox. navigate with Up arrow key and Down arrow key, Return key to change the menu/ reset the fire detectors or to turn off the alarm system, Backspace key to return to the main menu.

all codes are right next to the 0 on each keypad

to turn off the firealarm: Click on one of the fire-detectors ( there is one in every room )

safelock: lock-code = click on the safedoor unlock-code = 49315

doorlock: lock-code = 28103 unlock-code = 94675

gatelock/open-close gate: close-gate / lock-code = 52930 open-gate / unlock-code = 76481 also there are to button to open/close the gate ( one next to the garage door, one next to the gate )

New Alarmsystem: when you load the map the first time you have to click R-Key to reset the alarm
default code 5391
to change the code switch to settings enter old code then enter new code
R-Key to reset the alarmsystem to default
TAB to change between settings and normal
F1-Key to show current code
F3-Key to show input numbers

2 failed attempts The 3rd failed attempt triggers the alarm

if alarm is active a small symbol will blink in the right corner

When the alarmsystem doesnt work anymore just reset it with "R" and restart the map

radio with 3 songs, you can add up to 10 songs (just convert your songs to ogg files and rename them to song1, song2 etc. and place them inside your teardown folder: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Teardown\data\snd )

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