Route27 for Teardown


A flooded route after a large storm. This is a pretty big map with many features and bizarre structures. This mod also contains some custom cars. This map is kind of a sequel to this mod so play that one for extra context. Also if you like this mod then check out some of my other mods.

Fun Fact: This map contains a lot of Easter eggs and references to some of my other maps.


  • Airsoft arena/shooting range thing
  • a suburb
  • a few strange concrete buildings
  • phone booths
  • some bus stops
  • anomalous objects
  • custom cars
  • tv (Pyrocynical reference?)
  • VHS tape (Ricter Overtime reference?)
  • secrets
  • trash cans
  • lag
  • many spawnable objects
  • a few green cars
  • three military vehicles
  • a few signs
  • fences
  • a dead meme (Among Us)
  • a cool gun

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