ThiccSmoke & ThiccFire for Teardown

ThiccSmoke & ThiccFire

What is ThiccSmoke and ThiccFire?

I was a bit fed up with the lack of smoke within Teardown. Smoke, when you look at actual building/house fires, is thickand black due to the improper combustion of materials. Smoke should billow out of all crevices, cracks, holes and windows where smoke can go. Fire, also never really grew bigger after a small increase, even though more fires are spawned. Even more so, intensity wasn't accounted for during spreading of fire at all! But this mod allows for all of that! All this was sort of there in the game, but toned down a lot.

This is understandable, from performance and gameplay reasons, as this would limit visibility within a building to a huge decree. But that is what smoke and fire is about!

What definitely is not in the game, is that different materials being on fire would create different types of smoke! Smoke can be thick black and a bit colored when burning toxic materials (plastic, etc) but if something like wood would burn it would create much less thick and more clear smoke.

So I went ahead and tried my hands on modding Teardown for the first time, with the mentioned idea behind smoke and fire in mind. 

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  • Author: MrRare
  • Mod version: 24.09.22
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