Destructible robots for Teardown

Destructible robots

What does this mod add?

An internal Health system to robots.
Shoot at the robots parts until they break.

  • Destroying the head will kill the robot instantly.
  • Destroying legs will make the robot unable to walk

Works with any explosive waepon
Works only with vanilla guns and supported mod weapons


How does this work?

Enable the mod and enjoy the new features on modded maps.
As of right now its not possible for mods to directly change what happens in campaign mode.
You can play on any map that use the default robot behaviour or any robot you spawn in using the new spawn feature.

Features of this mod:

  • Robots experience fall damage
  • Guns are now able to damage robots over time
  • More ways to customise robot behaviour
  • Robots without weapons fear the player
  • Custom new robots for example Laser robot

and more ....

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