Mod «Amazing Space Battles» for Stellaris (v2.6.0 - 2.6.2)

Amazing Space Battles

It improves the graphics of almost EVERY weapon in the game- adding lots of new custom effects (while staying true to vannilla intentions), improved ship spacing and behavior in battles, adds new EPIC custom explosions, adds missing hit and muzzle effects paradox did not make, Creates custom effects for shield and hull hits + Space Battles are NOT over in seconds.

But above all, this mod makes space battles super fun to watch!


  • New EPIC explosions for every ship type.
  • New Effects for all Lasers.
  • New Effects for all Kinetic Weapons.
  • New Effects for all Particle Launchers.
  • New Effects for all Disruptors.
  • New Effects for all autocannons.
  • New Effects for anti-fighter - Flakk.
  • New Effects for all weapons when they hit shield or hull.
  • Improved Fighter behaviour and movement.
  • Slower ship movement during battles.
  • More intelligent ship spacing and behaviour during battles (no more face hugging fleets).
  • Better ship targeting i.e no more entire fleets targeting one ship at a time.
  • Graphical fixes for weapons without hit or muzzle effects.
  • Longer lasting battles
  • Better FPS in battles

Tip: Press Ctrl+F9 for a cinematic view.

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