Mod «Animated Kriken Species» for Stellaris (v3.3.1)

Animated Kriken Species

The Kriken Empire is an advanced imperialistic civilization of the Kriken species. When a member of their species becomes of age, they are exiled until they can locate a suitable planet for their race to conquer (and consume) as a part of their own rite of passage. Many attempt to locate the most precious and habitable worlds and those who discover such galactic treasures gain a higher status within the Kriken Empire; some even being hailed as heroes, but advanced alien technology sometimes is accepted in place of a new world.

  • Custom portrait Animated (no blinking)
  • 3 body varations in total.( control via color variant)
  • 3 different head shapes. ( control via color variant)
  • 4 different body colors. ( control via phenotype)

For a total of 36 possible combinations!

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