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Yet Another Galaxy Enhancement Mod

This mod does several things for galaxy generation. Takes advantage of the new 'cluster' generation.

It operates on the principle of least surprise. Maxing out both primitives and advanced start empires will cause a lot of advanced starts to fail to generate.

Commentary is welcome, but this is first and foremost my own personal mapgen mod.

1) Tweaks galaxy generation to produce somewhat less mazy results on 1.0 hyperlane gen. Larger clusters, sometimes with higher than vanilla internal connections, with more bridges for empire starting clusters, making them less likely to get boxed in.

2) Adds about 3,700 new star names, 200 new black hole names, 48 new species names, and some other base names. These are more curated than most other namelists you will find.

3) It adds several new galaxy sizes.

- Massive (1,250 stars): At this size, all leviathans should spawn, but may be missed as some stars will fail to generate. Not much slower than 1k star galaxies, generates in reasonable time. Guarantees all special spawns except for the ruined megastructures, Sanctuary, Zanaam, and max gateways. Recommended This is a pretty good balance for seeing most things in a galaxy and performance.

- Enormous (1,500 stars): Performance here is still 'okay', especially if you cut down on habitable worlds. No leviathans will be missed due to stars failing to spawn.

- Gargantuan (2,000 stars): Practically guarantees maximum gateways. As of 3.3 fairly decent, in my opinion.

- Titanic (2,500 stars): You will likely need ~4 gigs of free RAM for the endgame. Guarantees all special spawns except for the Ruined Dyson Sphere (SSC=2), Sanctuary (SSC=2), Zanaam (SSC=3), and the Ruined Ringworld (SSC=3), though some may be missed from a failed spawn.

Note that some stars will fail to generate. This isn't so bad below 3k stars; you lose about 20-30 spawns, from 'Massive' to 'Titanic'. This gets far more noticeable in the Colossal settings.

The Colossal presets. With Stellaris now 64 bits, truly massive galaxies are now possible to generate.

Warning You will need to be very patient for cache rebuilds. The L-Cluster - and any mod that does something similar - will take a very long time to perform a proper cache rebuild, so understand if it's not open yet, the game may appear to hang and go 'not responding' for a very, very long time. This has not actually crashed on me, but it sure can look like one.

Certain things take exponentially more time as the galaxy grows. In general, playing on these settings is more for bragging rights or perhaps as a setting design aid.

- Colossal 3k (3,000 stars): No guaranteed advantages over Titanic, except there is no chance a failed spawn will clobber something. I'm actually considering running this or 4k as a standard game now.

- Colossal 4k (4,000 stars): Guarantees Zanaam and the Ruined Ringworld. I've currently played this through about 100 years in, though it is more of a 'play while doing something else' sort of game.

- Colossal 5k (5,000 stars): Guarantees everything unless a spawn fails. Generation takes about 40 minutes on my laptop. Civilizations can get blocked if you try to max out everything.

The Ridiculous presets. Don't try to play with these, they're just for show.

- Ridiculous 10k (10,000 stars): Generation takes several hours, start it up and go to bed. You'll need another namelist like cybrxkhan's namelists for this. Between my names and his there are enough for 10k stars easily. I have successfully run this, though performance suffers immediately.

- Ridiculous 20k (20,000 stars): EXPECT THIS TO TAKE A WEEK ON A POWERFUL COMPUTER IF NOT LONGER. I am not certain if Stellaris can handle this. Some brave soul who doesn't need their computer for a long time can run it and let me know. Expect about a thousand stars to fail to spawn.

4) Tweaks galactic map scale and camera settings so you can actually view the entire galaxy and still see the stars as all distinct, even on 5k.

5) Increases the number of precursor systems. They default to raw numbers rather than percentages of the galaxy, unfortunately. This means they will be pretty sparse at high values, still, and playing on sub 1k galaxies will have a lot of systems with multiple precursors.

6) Fixed ring galaxies boxing out. They'll seem a bit smaller/fatter, however.

7) [s]Increased fallen empire limit, to 6/8/10/12 for the four 'core' sizes and 12 for the colossals, forr those with mods adding more fallen empires. [/s] This no longer seems to work, sadly.

8) Massively increased potential AI selection. Various things break if I try to force more than 90 to work, unfortunately.

9) If you choose 'Cluster' for starting empire placement, it will now behave as per 'no clustered starts'.

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