Mod «Ancient Cache of Technologies» for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

Ancient Cache of Technologies

Ancient Cache of Technology explores the stories of the ancient enigmatic precursors, including the Curators, the Fallen Empires and those that came before them. Behind their history lies great many secrets yet to be rediscovered.

The Fallen Empires thought they mastered the Enigmatic Power, their dark matter and energy weapons supreme. But for how long? What if an empire manages to rise and learn their secrets, what if they surpass the known knowledge of the past, and forge a new future thought impossible?

This mod introduces a large varieties of new technologies based on the enigmatic powers. From ship weapons, to buildings, to armies or planetary decisions. Technologies are categorized into tiers, and there are event chains that each empire has to go through to acquire them...or steal them from the others.

Furthermore, the mod buffs the existing Fallen Empire worlds to be much harder to invade, with their home citadels now fully protected, their outlying planets now have proper FE-tier buildings and their armies now much harder to beat.

It also buffs and expands upon the Curator Order a lot, as well as adding an entirely new neutral leviathan-like faction who holds a massive starbase, waiting for someone to challenge them.


  • Four new tiers of technology. Two can be obtained as you progress further into utilizing Dark Matter and Dark Energy, another is a rare technology only a few can possess. One can be unlocked through hard exploring and efforts, and the last can be unlocked by defeating a certain faction and figures out its puzzle.
  • Dark Energy and Stellarite as new strategic resources. Dark Matter also becomes much more important, as various components now require both to build.
  • Over 460 new technologies, many of which require special conditions to be met.
  • New Armies. Drown your enemies with armies equipped with enigmatic technologies, SPM-Droids that are designed to counter clones, or field heroic armies that can solo entire planets by themselves. These armies will become much more important due to many mechanics exclusively requiring ground combats!
  • New Building technologies based on enigmatic Dark Matter. Some of which offers unique planetary decisions.
  • New types of Planetary Bombardment Stances such as Punishment, Exterminatus and Annihilatus! Each with increasing degree of destruction.
  • Battle against the fallen empires to claim their ancient technologies as your own in War in Hell.
  • Interact with the Curators to discover various histories and secrets. Or just rob them (Destroying their stations will now give you enigmatic tech)
  • Meets the Phanon Corps, an illusive third-party paramilitary faction whose motives are unknown.
  • Phanon Corps Shipsets, Portraits and Name List available!
  • Three new origins allowing an empire to start at higher tech tiers (Tier 3, Tier 5 and Delta Tier)
  • New Menu Screen (This will get rotated around every new major updates)

To run the mod, you need to install the mod UI Overhaul Dynamic.

  • Adds integration for built-in AOT Config Menu.

Version 03.06.22 for Stellaris (v3.3.*-3.4.*)


Version 22.03.22 for Stellaris (v3.3.2)


File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: ShiRoz
  • Mod version: 15.07.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 406.9 mb
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can you uptade this to the 3.5 version