Mod «Diverse Prosperous Unifications» for Stellaris (v3.3.0 - 3.3.4)

Diverse Prosperous Unifications

Expands the basic Prosperous Unification origin with four new origins that expand on different ways to unify a planet.

> Perpetual Superpower
Building a slow momentum across untold centuries, this society has reached every young civilization's ambition: a homeworld with unified goals, and a path open to the stars.
(This origin is identical to the original Prosperous Unification)

> Union of States
Beginning life as a supra-national organization, this entity was designed to help mediate global conflicts. It has slowly accumulated power and responsibilities, including broad authority in space. There are however, still many independent powers spread across the homeworld.

> Cold War Victor
This country has just won a Cold War for ideological supremacy against a fierce rival. This conflict was fought both overtly and covertly, and the intelligence establishment remains extremely well resourced.

> World Conqueror
A global conflict for supremacy recently took place on this planet. Millions died, though sophisticated anti-missile systems averted the possibility of nuclear armageddon. When the dust settled, one power has emerged as the undisputed winner.

These four new origns replace the Prosperous Unification origin as it appears in game.

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