Mod «Ruling Class: Customize Your Society» for Stellaris (v3.5.*)

Ruling Class: Customize Your Society

This gives more government types but also...
Creates a new logic behind government type assignation based on both, Political Science, History and Science Fiction.
Creates a tangible difference between governments by creating a new civic type: Ruling Classes, revamping the Authority system and creating new pops unique to their civics and authorities.

You will see some weird civic names and government types, all governments, authorities and civics are either based on real history, political science or science fiction. No ambiguous or invented governments.
This mod is on "perpetual beta", balance feedback is welcomed.

  • New Mechanic: Ruling Class
  • 18 Ruling Class Civics
  • 13 New Normal Civics
  • 5 Authorities (1 new + 4 revamped)
  • 142 New Government Types
  • 2 New Ethics (+ fanatic versions)
  • 4 New Armies
  • 4 New Policies
  • 33 New Pop Jobs
  • 22 New Buildings
  • 2 new Holdings
  • 7 New Edicts
  • 6 New Leader Traits
  • 2 new Factions
  • Many revamped civics
  • Revamped Species Rights
  • Play with an immortal ruler as a regular empire
Authorities Redone

Revamped authority system based on political science where hierarchy is on the extreme right and anarchy is on the extreme left: Anarchy, Polyarchy, Oligarchy, Monarchy and Hierarchy
Authorities answer the question: how many individuals are in power?
Besides the normal empire wide bonuses and election types, Authorities define the kind of Politician Pop your empire will have, such as Councillor, Noble or Legate, each with their own bonuses and modifiers. No more generic "Politicians".
Authorities also define the political power of the stratas (Ruler, Specialist, Worker, Slave).


A new Mechanic, Ruling Class based on history and science fiction.
Yes, with Authorities we define how many people are in power but...
Who is in power?
The priests?
The wealthy?
The military?
The Ruling Class mechanic aims to answer that question.
This mechanic is represented as civics, you may only choose one Ruling Class Civic.
Many of them come with significant changes to gameplay. These are the most important of your civics.
There is a new pop type, the Ruling Class pop, it counts as Ruler Strata, along with the Politician types.
Just like your Politician pop type depends on your Authority, your Ruling Class pop type depends on your Ruling Class Civic, each with their own bonuses and modifiers.
You can increase these pops by upgrading the capital building.
Some Ruling Class Civics also enable new pops (besides the Ruling Class pops), armies or buildings.

So an ecclesiocratic polyarchy means that many priests are in power: a grand synod of monks, preachers and holymen. An ecclesiocratic oligarchy means that few priests are in power: a small council of bishops and prelates. An ecclesiocratic monarchy... well, you get the idea. Government types will be assigned according to this logic, Ruling Class + Authority.

Ergatocracy and Plutocracy require the Megacorp DLC.

Customize your Society

Clear differentiation between Authoritarianism, Elitism, Xenophobia, and their opposites:
Changed Authoritarian ethic for Elitist

Authoritarianism-Libertarianism: The degree of government control over society is now a policy with options that depend on your Authority type.

Elitism-Egalitarianism: Added a new policy that defines the degree of hierarchization of society, it affects the quality of life of the pops depending on their strata, no matter their species. It depends on your Ethics.

Xenophobia-Xenophilia:The Living Standards have been completely changed, they are now called simply Rights and allow to set up until which strata of society the species in question is permited to climb up. If they can only be slaves and workers, or if they can climb all the way to the top of the societal hierarchy. It Depends on your Ethics.

You can have, for example, a highly hierarchical society with elites who rule with an iron fist where it doesn't matter which species is holding the whip....
or you a highly hierarchical society with benevolent overlords but certain species (or all xenos) are discriminated and forbiden from being other than menial workers, servants and slaves...
or a nightmarous hierarchical society of iron fist elites where all xenos are slaves...
or a free egalitarian multicutural utopia...
or an egalitarian multicutural society fueled by the blood of the "Enemies of the People"...
or a free egalitarian society that considers xenos animals not worthy of any right...
or whatever in between.


This mod is not compatible with Iron Man.
This mod is not compatible with mods that change:

  • Governments
  • Civics
  • Authorities
  • Ethics
  • Factions
  • Species Rights
  • Government and Capital Buildings

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