Mod «Expanded Gestalts: Forgotten Queens» for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

Expanded Gestalts: Forgotten Queens

Hive Expansion Pack
  • New Mainscreen
  • 4 New Rooms
  • 2 New Origins
  • 8 New Civics
  • 2 New Planet types
  • 6 New Ascension Perks
  • 4 New Personalities
  • 4 New Portraits
  • New Advisor
  • New Sound Effects
  • New jobs
  • New events
  • New districts
  • New desicions
  • New planetary features
  • New unique colossus weapon
  • And More!


Requires Cloning
Unlocks Building: Genesis Chambers that allows hive minds to assemble pops of their main species.
Research option gained: Genetic Chimerism. Allows you to build Chimera Armies


Requires Ectogenesis
Genesis Chambers can now assemble pops from any species
Biotrophy citizenship enabled (Biomass)
Mutagenic Evolution modifier added, which grants bonus per unique species
Research option gained: Genetic Alterations

Mind Coalescence

Requires Confluence of Thought
The latent psionic abilities of our species will be awakened.


Requires Mind Coalescence
The Hive will unlock their full psionic potential.


This hive is ruled by an Overmind, that control and manipulate Remote drones.

Start the game with all Remote drones Pops (secondary species) with Full citizenship, Drone living standard that are Extremely Adaptative
Only members of the Main species can be Leaders
Members of the Main species can only be Leaders
Can always Assimilate biological pops


This Hive is an assemblage of a giant living organism that hosts many other symbiotic species living in it.

Homeworld is a Hive World
Habitability preference is set to Hive World, making other types of planets undesirable.
Colony ships are more expensive, but will trigger a process for non-ideal planets which will slowly turn the planet into a Hive World

Biotech integrated

starting civic only
Part of the crew, part of the ship. The hive integrates themselves with their technology, making it impossible for other empires to understand them.

Your ships do not generate debris, so your tech cannot be stolen
Daily Hull Regen: 0.20%
Daily Armor Regen: 0.20%

Mutualistic Behavior

starting civic only
Mutualism plays a key part in ecology and so has this Hive learned to thrive by cooperating with other species from its home planet, now looking at the stars for new species to cooperate with.

Can establish Branch Offices without Commercial Pacts
Cannot use Unrestricted Wars policy
Cannot engage in Indiscriminate Orbital Bombardment
Refugees are always welcome
Can always Assimilate biological pops
Can form Migration Pacts
Can not Purge nor Enslave pops
Available Envoys: +1

Organic Structures

starting civic only
This hive creates living structures and space ships by metamorphosing their larva at will.

Start the game with Organic Ship set (Will override any shipset you select).

Ships, Buildings and Outposts cost Food and Larvae to build in return of reducedAlloys and Minerals.
A Brood Queen job added in every colony and every 50 pops
Brood Focus enabled
Daily Hull regen increased by +1%
Farmer output: +2
Miner output: -1

Parasitic Embryos

starting civic only
This hive uses other Organic bodies to boost their Pop growth

Allows your empire to Process organics, infecting them and giving birth to new pops of your Main species when killed.
Has the 'Demand Sacrifice' casus belli on all other empires, which allows Parasitic Embryos to subjugate them to offer Pops as tribute.

Autonomous Drones

This Hive allows its drones to have some sort of freedom and independence from the Collective. While still part of the Collective, it is possible to distinguish one from another and easy to identify personality traits on each individual drone.

Unemployed Pops voluntarily resettle themselves to suitable planets with jobs and housing within our empire
Diplomatic Weight from Pops: +20%
Pop Growth from Immigration: +10%

Focused Collective

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. This hive has the ability to reconfigure its collective brain synaptic connections at will to shine in different areas of expertise.

Provides the Research Focus policy to focus and redirect the collective's priorities between Society, Physics and Engineering research.

Mycelium connection

The hive has a deep connection with space itself, it is interlinked with the very fabrics of space and can somewhat communicate with it

+20% anomaly discovery chance
+1 ship sensor and hyperlane range
+2 planet sensor and hyperlane range

Natural Attraction

Like bees are attracted to flowers, the hive excels at gathering food from Farms and Livestock

+1 food from farmers
+100% food/minerals from livestock

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