Mod «Vanilla Spacer weapons - Explosive Bolt» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Vanilla Spacer weapons - Explosive Bolt

Mod Adds Several new Spacer Explosive guns to the Spacer factions and trade inventories.


Explosive Bolt Weaponry is the next logical step for mankind's most dangerous and ruthless warlords, these massive hulking guns have the backbone to carry their enormous mass, as they offer a variety of benefits from other spacer guns.

Weapons with unique explosive projectiles detonating in unique patterns as they halt and impede your targets, instead of missing, each affected cell that misses it “Stuns” an opponent instead. Pawns with a higher shooting skill will find the explosives shot will be bigger and more deadly than those who have less shooting skill. High explosives weapons are also incredibly heavy and might sway when fired so for maximum use they should be used for mass crowd control.

The weapons can Only be obtained as Quest rewards, on Spacer factions or being sold by space traders.

A full List of the weapons and their stats can be found In this Link[]

Q: Does this work with any version of RimWorld?
A: It requires Rimworld version 1.4.

Q: Is this compatible with CE?
A: Do to the advanced C# code, no. (maybe someone might make it compatible then it will be linked here)

Q: Do these weapons spawn on enemies?
A: They can, on imperial factions or other modded spacer factions.

Q: Can I use this with Run and Gun?
A: Yes, tested with the run and gun mod, worked ok.

Q: Where do I craft the weapons?
A: You DONT craft them! I wanted these guns to be rare and you can't exactly do that if ya can mass produce them.

Q: The explosives are incomplete and my pawn is highly skilled. What is actually wrong with you?
A: The guns are based on random variations and sometimes might be incomplete. The same variation is found in the “miss” system, to prevent the guns from being overpowered .

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Yes, add it to an existing save But would not recommend removing them.

Q: Can I request something to be added?
A: Yea, always open to suggestions.

Q: The balance is horrendous. Where can I tell ya this?
A: in the comments.

Q: Does this mod require the mod Vanilla expanded heavy weapons?
A:No, it does not, just for added weight sets for the guns you can not have any vanilla expanded mods and it will work just fine.

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