Mod «Offspring Inherit Xenogenes» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Offspring Inherit Xenogenes

In vanilla, endogenes ('natural genes') may be inherited by offspring while xenogenes ('artificial genes') may not. This mod changes it so that xenogenes can be inherited by offspring, following the same logic as vanilla - 50% chance if one parent has the xenogene, 100% chance if both parents have it.

Furthermore, this mod changes the likelihood of inheriting archite genes. In vanilla, inheriting archite genes is impossible. Archite gene inheritance probability is calculated using this formula, one per parent additively: 0.5 * (1.0 / (gene_complexity + 1.0)). That means that one parent with the Ageless gene, which has a complexity of 3, would have a 12.5% chance to pass it on - if both parents have it, there's a 25% chance to pass it on.

Plus, all of these values are configurable! So if you want xenogens to be passed on, but at a lower chance, or you want to guarantee or entirely disable archite inheritance, or any other tweaks, just check the mod options!

One last note about how vanilla gene inheritance works, which this mod has not changed: when a pawn is generated, it is assigned a maximum metabolism based on the following logic: 70% chance for 1, 20% chance for 2, 10% chance for 3. A pawn with metabolism 1 will not be able to inherit any genes that would push their total metabolism outside of the range { -1, 1 }. If some of your xenogenes aren't being inherited sometimes, it's because of this mechanic. My other mod removes this system: Consistent Gene Inheritance.

Safe to be added to, and removed from, existing saves. Genes are determined by the game at the point of conception, so adding this mod during an existing pregnancy won't change the baby's genes.

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  • Mod version: 25.10.22
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