Mod «WorldEdit 2.0» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

WorldEdit 2.0

Create your world the way you want! Is the extreme world a desert? An island system or a glacier?
The new version includes improved support, new features and updates.

Main wiki (Help)

Tile Editor
- Change of any tile parameter: biome, temperature, precipitation and waterlogging;
- Changing the type of mountains, rocks and caves;

River and Road Editor
- Creating/deleting rivers. The ability to choose the type of river, create a source from the ocean / lakes;
- Creating/deleting roads. Ability to choose the type of road;

Label Editor
- Creation and removal of labels with any text;
- Adjust the size and angle of rotation;

Faction Editor
- Create and delete fractions on the map;
- Setting up the name, the name of the leader;
- Setting up relationships with other factions (including the player);

Settlement Editor
- Creation and removal of settlements;
- Choosing a faction for settlement;
- Choosing a name for the settlement;

Editor of objects on the map
- Creation of bandit camps, caches, ambushes and more;
- Setting the level of threats, items in the cache, etc.

Template Editor
- Creating templates to download the created world and play it over and over again, as well as transfer it to other players. The template preserves factions, the landscape of the world, settlements, etc.;
- Customization of additional features of the template, such as the starting scenario or narrator, as well as fixed pawns;

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