Mod «Explorite Core» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.3)

Explorite Core

This lib contains a Harmony patch under id "Explorite.rimworld.mod.HarmonyPatches" and 400 priority value.

XML documentation comments for every class and every patch, under Chinese.
Including an "MAL-REF-DEF" system of exploriters partner mods.
Ideo-Lock currently hard-coded exclusive to centaur faction in RimCentaurs.

Pathing overrider allows you creating custom pathing rules for your pawns.
Advanced check list CheckOutList, which powered by custom XML loader, can be used for your check list management.
IRemoteActivationEffect and RemoteActiveUtility provide a set of tools aim to make devices send signal and respond to signal independently.
ItemStageUtility allows you create multi-stage item without making more items instead.

Many new useful debugger tools have been made and can be find in Explorite category.

Tag Effects:
Projectile ThingDef with tradeTags "ExRoofBypass" will ignore any roofs.
Alien races ThingDef with tradeTags "ExAutoApparelWhitelist" will generate an apparel white list override the original one.
ResearchProjectDef with tags "ExploriteNeverResearchable" will be unable to research.
ThingDef with weaponTags "ExploriteOversizedWeapon" will be draw at its accurate size when equipped.
CultureDef with allowedPlaceTags "ExExclusive" will not be generated for factions without allowed cultures setting.
Explosion with DamageDef with "Frostblast" in defName will bypass everything.
Many tags used by Centaurs, check their def for details.

Game issue fixes:
CompColorable no more crashes ThoughtWorker_WearingColor and styling station.

Unused but implemented features (If you want to):
ThingDef "TestShieldSpot" block explosion.
RecipeWorker "Recipe_ForceScarSurgery" can be used for force injuries get permanent.

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