Mod «Elite Bionics Framework» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.3)

Elite Bionics Framework

A common framework to change body part max HP. Please check the changelog tab for the latest version.

Quick Info and Compatibility

  • Requires HugsLib (warning should be given if you don't have HugsLib); place this mod below HugsLib
  • Place this mod above other mods that require this mod
  • Using auto-sort, place this mod above Humanoid Alien Races
  • Safe to add to existing saves
  • Depending on whether there are any dependencies loaded, safe to be removed
  • Should have no problems with most other mods, see below for more info
    GitHub repo link is here:
Background, Overview, and Motto

Elite Bionics Framework is the child of the abandoned, never-released mod Elite Bionics (ELTE). In Fall 2018, the ELTE mod was drafted to bring competition into the bionics mod duopoly at that time: EPOE and RBSE. The selling point was that, while the ELTE bionics offer less body part efficiency, they instead provide max HP bonuses to them, mitigating the loss of HP caused by the usage of bionics (see for more details).

Unfortunately, with the lack of both drawing skills and the confidence of finding cooperation, the ELTE mod was scrapped; but to not let the programming effort go to vain, I have decided to refactor ELTE and release this mod instead as a tribute to the ambitions that went unfulfilled: to shape the Big Three of the bionics mod "market", and to become one of them.

The motto of Elite Bionics: they might not be as effective as others, but at least they last much longer than others.

Framework Description

Other modders may manipulate body parts through this framework. Currently, these manipulations are supported:

  • Changing max HP of body part (v1.0.0)
  • Changing melee attack damage of bionics (v2.1.0)

Note that, normally, when body part max HP is increased, the pain and bleeding rate will both also increase. This mod scales down the bleeding rate in order to avoid nonsensical instant-death situations due to instant-bleed-out.

However, pain levels are not touched to maintain balance. End users should aim for drugs, implants, or armor to reduce the pain of your soldiers/workers before and during battle.

Modders (and perhaps end users too) may refer and subscribe to Elite Archotech ( ), another mod under my name, for inspiration and immediate usage.

There are some documentation on GitHub for modders too.

Required HugsLib

File info

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