Mod «BiomesKit» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.3)

About BiomesKit

Note! BiomesKit does not add anything new on its own. It's intended to be used by other modders to more easily add new Biomes.

BiomesKit is a framework for the placement of biomes on the world map at worldgen. Previously, modders needed to utilize C# to add new biomes to rimworld. With BiomesKit, placement of a biome can be controlled with XML tags in the BiomeDef itself.

With BiomesKit as a dependency, you too can make your own biomes mod with minimal hassle! Features of BiomesKit includes but are not limited to:

  • Spawning biomes based on factors like elevation, rainfall, hilliness and more!
  • Restricting your biome to spawn only on specific vanilla biomes, or even biomes from other mods!
  • Changing the hilliness of a tile to a specific level, or even randomizing it!
  • Custom world map tile graphics for your biome!

BiomesKit works by adding tags in the BiomeDef through a modExtension. For example, here's how I did it on the tropical island for Biomes!

<li Class="BiomesKit.BiomesKitControls"> <randomizeHilliness>True</randomizeHilliness> <usePerlin>True</usePerlin> <perlinCulling>0.5</perlinCulling> <allowOnWater>True</allowOnWater> <minTemperature>15</minTemperature> <minRainfall>600</minRainfall> <frequency>5</frequency> <materialPath>World/MapGraphics/TropicalIsland</materialPath> <materialLayer>3509</materialLayer> </li>

BiomesKit manual

File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Odeum
  • Mod version: 18.07.21
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 8.0 mb
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