Mod «Better Scenario Research and Tech Level Options» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Better Scenario Research and Tech Level Options

This mod gives you better options for selecting your game's starting research and player faction tech level, primarily but not exclusively for use with Semi Random Research. I've been wanting this for years. Lots of mods let you start with no research, but none that I have been able to find let you start with research already completed. Turns out you can just pay someone to make it for you?!

I only play with Semi Random Research and I strongly dislike caveman stuff flooding the queue when I'm in a higher tech game and just want to research fabrication or nuclear power or toilets. First and foremost this is a QOL mod for me. But maybe it can be for you too.

While I initially only wanted something to clear out Neolithic and Medieval research so I could jump right in to the Industrial era, I figured an option for every tech tier would be a simple and welcomed addition. Why not cover all the bases in case someone wants to play as a Medieval, Spacer, or Ultratech faction and have their starting research and costs reflect that?


Includes 6 Scenario options to start at the technology tier of your choosing, from Neolithic to Archotech*, with every research project below your chosen tier automatically completed.

*Archotech starts with all research in the game complete, including the Archotech-tier research projects from the few mods that actually have them, like More Archotech Garbage and Science Never Stops. Maybe you're making a new modpack and want to jump right in to testing conflicts and compatibility without delays. Or perhaps you're playing an Archoseed that wasn't shot in the brain by a Lancer...?

This mod does not remove the hidden research included in some scenarios, even if it's higher than your chosen tech level. For example: Crashlanded, Rich Explorer, and Naked Brutality all start you out with some research not mentioned on the Scenario screen, like Electricity. If you choose one of these scenarios and pick Neolithic or Medieval tech level you will still start with electricity. This is intended to safeguard scenarios with specific starting conditions and/or gameplay themes. I wouldn't want someone to pick their favorite scenario and find out, just because they wanted to skip the primitive era research, they can't play their scenario the way it was designed. Use era appropriate scenarios and/or a different mod if your scenario includes said hidden research.

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