Mod «Standalone Hot Spring» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

Standalone Hot Spring

Make use of those steam geysers dotting the map for more than mere electric power! With a great deal of clever excavation deep underground, the groundwater that fuels a steam geyser can be brought gushing to the surface. A large amount of stone blocks are used to stabilize the shifted earth and form a clean, abiotic vessel in the ground, pooling the pure, steaming water into a luxurious hot spring.

This gorgeous all-natural bath will be automatically used by pawns as a potent source of meditative joy, and is capable of hosting up to six pawns at once.

It is of special interest to sick and/or injured colonists; the soothing heat and therapeutic trace minerals within the hot spring's waters greatly accelerate recovery from injury and illness. Colonists capable of movement can maximize their uptime on the hot spring's positive hediff by being manually directed to use it once per day, hastening their return to health as soon as possible.

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