Mod «Archotech Expanded Prosthetics» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.3)

Archotech Expanded Prosthetics

Expands on the Archotech Bionics introduced in 1.0

This mod is rather old, as to being one of the newer 1.0 mods, and hasn't been updated in about a year or so. Anyone who has a problem with it, I can help with minor things, but this mod is no longer being worked on. Anyone who wishes to continue the mod with their own ideas and ambitions can do so if they send me a message first. Thanks, -Teok

This is JUST the prosthetics from my Archotech Expanded mod, for all those who were asking.

Each part in the mod is the equivalent of Archotech or better. Here's a detailed list of every abnormal item.
  • The Advanced Archotech Legs are a highly advanced version of the already highly advanced archotech legs. They are 4 times more expensive than regular ones, but also give a much higher mobility boost compared to the normal archotech legs.

  • The Advanced Archotech Arms do the same thing as the advanced legs do, but for arms.

  • The Archotech Obliterator is an alternative to the death claw, where it deals fast consecutive blunt hits rather than 1 high powered claw attack. This is especially useful for capturing prisoners.

  • The Archotech Death Claw is a high powered Power claw, basically. For the Archotech. It's much more expensive than any other Archotech item as it serves as an archotech arm and a power claw simultaneosly.

  • The Archotech Brain Melder is a better pain stopper and joy giver. It increases conciousness, removes pain, gives joy and heals scars on the brain. It's incredibly useful for any situation.

Since this is JUST the Archotech Prosthetics, there will be no way to craft or research these ever. If you want to, use the main mod when it's updated in the future.

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