Mod «Grimworld: Retextures» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Grimworld: Retextures

Your Rimworld just not grim enough? Grimworld: retextures aims to replace many of the base games assets to better fit the war-torn galaxy you strive to fight for.


Currently replaces a small spread of common items for now, replaced items are the: Flak Vest, Flak Helmet, Industrial Medicine, Silver and Assault Rifle.

Armour and weapon textures are 512 x 512, smaller items are 256 x 256

Make sure to load this mod after any others that affect the same textures if you want to see these changes in your game.

Recommended mods:

  • Graphics Settings+
  • Camera+

File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Sparky
  • Mod version: 10.01.23
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 1.0 mb
  • Source: Go to
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