Mod «Comigo's Majestic Trees» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Comigo's Majestic Trees

Have you ever thought that vanilla trees are... just meh? Trees in real life make you feel insignificant; they tower above the most and are a symbol of a long life and stability. And there is no reason they shouldn't be as such in Rimworld, especially when you make a 5-cell wall from one short piney.

This mod does the following:

  • Replaces the textures of all the wild vanilla trees with new ones, more detailed and 512x512 size (some are 1024x1024)
  • Changes the size range and drawing layer of these trees, so that they tower above buildings and rocks. Young and grown-up trees have a more striking size difference.
  • Changes thingClass of the vanilla and some modded trees to make a transparency effect on mouse over, to ease looking through the jungles.
  • Changes graphicClass to Graphic_Single.
  • Tints vanilla lichen-covered and regular soil in green a bit. (Can be turned off in mod's settings.)
  • Adds a special see-through mode to hide trees under cursor, or on the whole map. Can be turned on/off in the bottom-right corner, and can also be tweaked in Options -> More Mod Settings -> CoMiGo's Majestic Trees.

The mod does not change gameplay values in any way; it is a purely cosmetic mod that has no impact on game balance.


  • XML Extensions
  • Harmony

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