Mod «Tabletop Trove - Additional Joy Objects and Decor» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Tabletop Trove - Additional Joy Objects and Decor

Tabletop Trove adds tabletop games for your colonists to enjoy. Simply research ‘Tabletop Games’ at a research bench or buy them from travelling traders. Some are only available through trading.

Every object can be colored using any stone or textile, and can all be placed on the floor or any table. Each game has the exact same stats. Appearance is the only difference.

Craftable Tabletop Games

These can be built from the Recreations tab after researching ‘Tabletop Games’ or be bought from travelling traders. Each of these have the same stats, and train intellectual skills.

Cellars & Dwellers - A role-playing game where a DM leads a group of Dwellers through Cellars full of adventure. Both a DM Screen and character sheets are available. Trains Social.
Monopsony - A board game where players balance unions and the labor market in order to become the monopsonist.
Sorcery, the Assembly - A card game where players assemble the perfect team of creatures to battle each other with.
Colonists of the Rim - A board game where players play colonists trying to survive on a Rimworld.
Discrete Dictator - A board game where players sniff out the dictator within the group.
One - A card game where each player tries to get rid of their entire hand of cards before the others do.
Treachery at the Mansion in the Woods - A board game where players uncover a mysterious mansion room by room.

Tradable Tabletop Games

These can only be obtained through trading with travelling traders.

Affix Six - A board game where players take turns dropping colored tokens into the board in an attempt to connect six in-a-row. Trains Intellectual faster than regular board games.
The Game of Strife - A board game where players drive through a wasteland collecting weapons and skills in order to survive the final battle. Trains Melee.
Luija Board - A board game where players try to contact spirits through the use of the board. Trains Social.
Janko - A board game where players stack blocks on top of a toppling tower. Trains Construction.


These can be built from the Misc tab after researching ‘Tabletop Games’.

Board Game Boxes - A stack of board game boxes. Rotate for different appearances.
Player Handbook - A player handbook for the tabletop role-playing game Cellars & Dwellers. Rotate for different appearances.


After someone plays a game of Cellars & Dwellers at either a DM Screen or a Character Sheet, colonists have a chance of creating sculpture art of the story they played through. You get a brief overview of their character and the most important moment from that session.

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