Mod «Quest Reward Rebalance» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Quest Reward Rebalance

Ever wonder why your heavily-modded 16-year colony never sees any of those rare archotech rewards? This mod rejiggers quest reward generation so archotech-level items/buildings like the Vanometric Powercell and Chemfuel Reactor (along with other archotech-level modded items) appear much more frequently.

The mod does four things:

1. More Archotech Awards - Groups all of the archotech items/buildings/consumables into their own category of quest reward with its own separate chance of being rolled, which increases the frequency they appear (which is still pretty rare; about as much as receiving a healer mech serum or similar item).

2. Multiple Weapon Awards - Creates a new uncommon quest award from Outlander Factions which, if Gunsmithing has been researched, yields between 4 to 6 advanced industrial weapons of a single type (e.g. assault rifle, chain shotgun, etc.) in addition to the usual gold/plasteel/uranium filler rewards--instead of that masterwork revolver--Every. Single. Time.

3. More Hyperweave - Adds a small chance (around 1/16) for the 'filler rewards' from a quest to grant Hyperweave instead of the usual gold/plasteel/uranium.

4. Rebalances Ancient Complexes - With Ideology installed, splits the Ancient Complex event into three tiers of potential awards, each with increasing levels of loot and danger with a greater focus on exotic, non-craftable items.

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