Mod «Biotech Expansion - Mammalia» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Biotech Expansion - Mammalia

The Biotech Expansion Project.

The BEP is a continuous project to add more genes focused on variety and unique mechanics and playstyles! This mod is the first of many modular mods, focusing on genes inspired by real life mammals. Check back frequently for new genes and other mods in the BEP!


From the creeping wolf to the screeching bat, the Mammalia gene pack implements xenotypes and genes heavily based on terran mammals. Gain fearsome natural weapons, stunning abilities, and plenty of cosmetic options for your own pawns and colonies.

Important Note: For an xenotype to appear during gameplay (outside starting with it), it needs to belong in a faction. There are multiple factions in this mod, but only one is enabled by default when starting a new game, the Skulking Mammalkin Tribe, composed of Barkkin, Bonecrowns, Wiretails, Hidewings, and Seertusks. For other xenotypes to appear you must enable their faction in the dropdown menu when selecting factions for your game.

A Small Sample of Our Offerings!
Sharp Claws

Hidebound Wings

Psychic Fury Needle

A list of Xenotypes, some of their Unique Genes, and what Faction they're in!


  • DLC Biotech
  • Biotech Expansion - Core

01.11.22 (1.4)


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