Mod «Free Will» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Free Will

Expand the story of RimWorld by imbuing your colonists with free will!

This mod adds a powerful work tab AI placed within a new Ideology precept called Free Will. The ability to control colonists (via the work tab) is now entirely dependent on their ideology.

Why would I want this?

Setting up the work tab becomes a burden after hundreds of hours of gameplay. Starting a colony with mandatory free will allows you to create colonies much quicker and focus on story goals, rather than wasting time setting up work tasks.


  • Players new to the game might find it nice to automate the priorities and focus on learning other game mechanics.
  • Experienced players might be tired of setting up work tabs over and over.
  • Hardcore players might enjoy the challenge of having to manage even more unruly colonists.
  • Streamers might enjoy having a mod that skips the boring stuff and brings even more story into RimWorld.

The mod follows in the tradition of RimWorld being a story generator. It will not make the game easier to play, but it should help enrich the story that gets created.

How do I set it up?

Each ideology will now include the Free Will precept. There are a few options:

  • Mandatory - free will is always on and cannot be toggled
  • Preferred - free will can be disabled, but there is a mood penalty
  • Flexible - free will can be toggled without penalty
  • Disapproved - free will can be enabled, but there is a mood penalty
  • Prohibited - free will cannot be enabled (this is essentially the Vanilla RimWorld experience)

Depending on the choice, colonists may not appear on the work tab, and will instead rely on the AI (their "free will") to set their work priorities.

If allowed, you can toggle free will in the colonist's Free Will tab, but setting it to something they don't like may incure a mood penalty.

The default settings are usually recommended for vanilla RimWorld, but there are a wide range of mod settings available to help tweak it to work with your mod collection.

How do colonists with free will choose what to do?

Colonists with free will enabled will prioritize work on their own. You can see the calculations for each work type in the Free Will tab. Priorities will change in response to a number of game events.

Here is a rough guide to understanding the AI:

  • Colonists want to do things they are good at doing.
  • Colonists don't want to do things they are bad at doing.
  • Colonists want to pursue their passions if they are in a good mood.
  • Colonists want to clean more if they find the environment messy.
  • Colonists want to rest if their health is low.
  • Colonists who are bored will look for anything they are capable of doing.

The colony will assign someone to every work type (unless no one can do it).

What about slaves?

Slaves never have free will.

Compatibility with other mods

You should be able to use this with other mods. However, the AI is balanced for vanilla pawns and vanilla work types.

For proper balance, I recommend only using this mod with visual or item mods. Mods will likely disrupt the balance if they: add other pawn types, modifiy skills/passions, or add work types.

That being said, there is "fallback" logic for any work type it doesn't recognise and there are tons of balance settings available so you can customise the behaviour.

Requires: DLC Ideology and Harmony

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