Mod «[CP] British Military Kit» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.2)

[CP] British Military Kit

God save the Gracious Queen.


  • VIRTUS body armor and headgear equipment
  • Mk 7 and Osprey body armor
  • UKSF gear including Crye JPC (Jumpable Plate Carrier) and FAST helmets
  • Pcs Smock variants for winter wear
  • PLCE webbing and Bergen Rucksack
  • Ghillie suit set for sneaky beaky operations
  • Multiple berets with unique cap badges for your regiments, including one customisable beret to create your own
  • Cookable British MREs
  • Other hats such as Boonie hat, Field Cap (Crap Hat as they are called in the UK Armed Forces community) and a thermal hat for winter
  • RAF (Royal Airforce) uniform to fly around with and get 5 star accomodations + complementary room service with
  • You require the "British Military Uniforms" research in the Red Horse research tab to unlock the crafting bench. All gear shown is craftable in that bench, provided you also research what they need (I.E. Flak Armor for body armours).

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