Mod «[AP] Plaguemonger Meme» for Rimworld (v1.3)

[AP] Plaguemonger Meme

This mod adds a new meme called Plaguemonger. Precepts allow pawns to get increased immunity gain speed, they can practice a unique ritual that infects everyone in the colony. Being sick makes them happy, they don't suffer from pain debuffs, and venerate rotten corpses and surrounding filth.

  • You don't need to tend your infections, their immunity boost is high enough.
  • Lower to zero chance for modded diseases to be considered in the ritual outcome.
  • Pawns take some time to "realize" they are surrounded by filth or in a clean area, it doesn't happen instantly. This is intented in order to save resources.
  • "Pain is virtue" and the like override the "don't care about pain" precept this mod provides.

Won't work with Android Tiers

Q: Is it safe to add mid-save?
A: You should start a new save in order to select the new meme.

Q: Is it safe to remove mid-save?
A: Nope.


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