Mod «RPG Style Level Up Mod» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.3)

RPG Style Level Up Mod

- that's how rimworld works

earn EXP by work or killing enemy, Level up and distribute stats!

Stats affect battles and workspeeds, respectively.

increase melee damage
carry capacity
carry weight in worldmap
carry weight in map (CE)

Mining Speed
Smoothing Speed
Construction Speed
PlantWork Speed

Melee Hit Chance
Shooting Accuracy
reload speed (CE)
MeleeParryChance (CE)

General labor speed
Tailoring Speed
Smithing Speed
Cook Speed
Butchery Speed
DrugCooking Speed

Aiming Delay
Melee Dodge Chance

Damage reduction
Suppressability (CE)
Comfy Temperature

UnskilledLabor Speed
if CON > 200, healing factor.

Medical Tend Speed
Medical Tend Quality
Medical Operation Speed
Medical Surgery Success Chance
Drug Synthesis Speed
Research Speed

Negotiation Ability
Social Impact
Tame Animal Chance
Train Animal Chance

Animal Gather Speed
Animal Gather Yield

Q : max level?

A : check mod setting. It's configurable.

Q : is this compatible with CE? A rim of magic? level this?

A : Yes. And, It will be difficult to find incompatible modes. :)
this mod works fine with or without CE.

this mod is incompatible with StaticQualityPlus.

Q : github?

A :

You can also put it in the middle of the game.
but, only new pawns get random stat.
Pawns who were before use this mod have 0 0 0 0 0 0 plat stat.

in option, you can configure EXP gain of colonist and animals.

to reroll or edit stat, turn on god mode in Development mode.

** Known Issue
this mod is incompatible with StaticQualityPlus, Rim of Madness-Vampires(1.0)
Ignore ERROR in first start plz..

Thanks to HawnHan for Simplified Chinese translation.

1.1 updated.

this mod is incompatible with StaticQualityPlus.

Update : Added : Max levellevel scaling and auto-level up. plz check mod setting.

Level scaling :

if your colonists's average level is 200 and level scaling is 30%,
newly spawned pawn(animals and enemies and etc) will be 60 level. stats are randomly distributed.
don't want this? just set 0%.

healing factor :
once for 1200 tick(20 seconds), bleeding injury cured by ( 0.01 * (CON - 100)).

Can't get XP by doing work?

When the pawn gains a little skill experience, if the percentage of the experience gained in the mod setting is low, it may not be able to get level experience.
raise this percent in mod setting. or, do work that gives pawn a lot of skill experience. (Enthusiastic work)

If that doesn't work, it's probably a mod conflict. sorry. IDK.

anyway, you will be able to gain experience from killing.. i think.

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