Mod «A Regular Ol' Plumbus» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.3)

A Regular Ol' Plumbus

The Plumbus & Kimble© corporation originating from Dimension C-137, now brings you the critically acclaimed Plumbus©! It cooks, it cleans, it floobs! No task is too large for this beloved household item.

The creation of a plumbus follows the basic steps outlined in the How They Do It: Plumbuses video, as seen on your Interdimensional Cable package. Its production requires (and this mod adds) the following:

Mod Content
  • Dinglebop - a new plant. Its material has heat and fire insulating properties.
  • Fleebs & Fleeb Juice - a new animal, drug and event. The fleeb juice makes colonists feel a sense of aliveness, but with an increased sensitivity to pain.
  • Grumbo - a new stone type. A sturdy, yet beautiful porous rock.
  • The Plumbus Crafting Station - a new crafting bench. A place to combine all the new ingredients, into what we all came for:
  • The Plumbus - a new weapon/tool. An equippable tool that helps with any task! Colonists get a 25% increase to speed for any kind of work with this item equipped.

This tool is considered a middle-game item, meant to require a decent amount of work to acquire, because of its global
work affecting properties. It's ingredients are all designed to serve multiple purposes, so they don't solely serve a role in plumbus production. Feedback on their properties is appreciated.

Sadly, for the sake of having everything in this mod serve a purpose, and for the acquisition process to remain streamlined, the Schlami species and their accompanying spit have been excluded after thorough consideration.

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