Mod «Anomalies Expected» for Rimworld (v1.5)

Anomalies Expected

If you want more anomalies to explore and experiment with, then you might like this mod.

Mod Contents

Mod adding new anomalies for Anomaly DLC. With it own benefits and risks.
Most anomalies here give you some benefit for keeping them in colony with it own containment risks, rather than being just a temporary threat event to the colony like most of anomalies from DLC.
While usually I try to explain in mod description how mod content work in details, due to the main interest of anomalies is to discover and study them, I won't spoil it.
On some study notes label and description of anomaly might change to fit the current understanding of the anomaly.

Currently available:
1 Anomaly of basic category

Ordinary Bed

Your colonist noticed some object falling from the sky nearby. At close inspection it seems like an ordinary bed, but with frame made of organic metal. It looks very comfortable to sleep on.

More anomalies in development and will be added, when ready.


DLC Anomaly

  • New anomaly

10.05.24 (1.5)


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