Mod «VPE - Biotech Integration for Alpha Animals and More!» for Rimworld (v1.4)

VPE - Biotech Integration for Alpha Animals and More!

"Vanilla Psycast Expanded - Biotech Integration" mod patches for the psycaster paths in Alpha Animals. Moreover, tons of races can now have compatibility with the mod.

I highly recommend having the VRE - phytokin. Because without it, you cannot find the oculist gene in any xenotypes.
Also, if you have not installed the Alpha genes, the phytokin kinds only have the oculist gene. if you have installed the mod, only the ocularkin has the gene by default. But you can change this behavior to both phytokin and ocularkin can have in the toggable config of VEF.


Vanilla Psycast Expanded - Biotech Integration
Alpha Animals
???? New Psycast Gene Graphics

Herald of the black hive




  • Biotech Expansion - Mammalia
  • Biotech Expansion - Mythic
  • Biotech xenotype expanded - Rotfish
  • Goblin Xenotype
  • Illithid Xenotype
  • Nephilim Xenotype
  • Orc Xenotype
  • Rim-Shek - Biotech
  • Rimsenal Xenotype Pack - Askbarn
  • Roo's Minotaur Xenotype
  • Roo's Faun Xenotype
  • Roo's Satyr Xenotype
  • Vanilla Races Expanded - Lycanthrope
  • WVC - Xenotypes and Genes
  • Alpha Genes
  • ReSplice: Charmweavers
  • Goji's Fantasy Race: Merren

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