Mod «Arakkoa Race» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Arakkoa Race

Adds the Arakkoa race from Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Includes a playable Arakkoa race faction, a friendly tribal Arakkoa faction and an optional enemy tribal Arakkoa faction. Also, naturally, contains Arakkoa backstories :)

Arakkoa, or heirs of Arak - their ancestral homeland, are a species of colourful, large humanoid birds with wings and two sets of limbs, who partially resemble a corvid. Their creator, the phoenix goddess Rukhmar, had made them many, many years ago, after which they successfully conquered their whole world with the help of their magical prowess, combining light, arcane and void magic schools. They used the same magic confluence to create knowledge-keeping crystals called Apexis, named after their civilisation.

To humans they appear androgynous. They are slender with large pectoral muscles to facilitate flight. Their bodies are covered in feathers, including their wings and tail.

They are highly intelligent and are supposedly able to perfectly imitate a speaker's language just by listening for a while. However, their three slender fingers and unwieldy wings make them less suitable for manual labour.

These are the stats:

MarketValue = 1750
MoveSpeed = 5.0
MeleeDodgeChance = 1.07
ShootingAccuracy = 1.04
ComfyTemperatureMin = 10
ComfyTemperatureMax = 30
TameAnimalChance = 1.05
ToxicSensitivity = 1.25
PsychicSensitivity = 1.2
SocialImpact = 1.1
NegotiationAbility = 1.1
ResearchSpeed = 1.15
GlobalLearningFactor = 1.25
GeneralLaborSpeed = 0.90
FilthRate = 2


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