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Rabbie The Moonrabbit race

Even in the Rim, there is a Moon shining brightly in the night.
And there are inhabitants in such a Moon.

Rabbie are a migratory, space-traveling species. Engineered with lepus (rabbit) genes and possessing a pair of large, floppy ears, they spread their influence by constructing arcology, referred as Lunar City on the moons with their enhanced intellect and Glitterworld-like technology.

+ Rabbie make brilliant researchers due to their enhanced acumen and Intellect.
+ Rabbie are well-versed in warfare, leading them to be an accurate, fast Shooters.
+ Rabbie are adept practitioner of Medicine and surgery, as well as drug synthesis.
- Unfortunately, it is easier for a Rabbie to suffer a mental break more, as well as being more sensitive to psychic phenomena.
- Due to their smaller physique, they are disadvantaged in Melee.
- Rabbie may also carry less, and are slower in Mining.


Long time ago, the ancestors of Rabbie were migrating humans who had been captured by Archotechs, having their genes altered in an experiment. Although they received enhanced mental acumen, the experiment led to their dependence on a special substance called Planetarium.

Rabbitish Empire would migrate to special planets that produce Planetarium. The Imperial Military and the Energy Department would often clash against the indigenous populace for the collection of Planetarium.

Referred by the Rabbie as 'Spice', Planetarium is enjoyed as delicacy, beyond the obligate consumption for sating their inherent dependence. Although Planetarium could be consumed in its raw state, its' efficacy is improved and the taste more refined should it be brewed into a tea or mixed into a cocktail. A Rabbie with a long-time consumption of Planetarium is believed to be granted a gift of clairvoyance - albeit for a fleeting moment - leading to marksmanship worthy of a legend.

A morbid, gruesome discovery from an autopsied Rabbie tells of a cerebral crystal. In truth, a cerebral crystal is calcified cranial nerve, caused by settled Planetarium. Should it be consumed, cerebral crystal can provide trace amount of Planetarium for a relief.

Wherever Rabbie may find themselves, the first order of business would be to find a stable source of Planetarium, or meet a terrible fate.

A New Faction - The Rabbitish Empire
Rabbitish Empire spends long time migrating towards various moons to build and expand new colonies.
Such migratory efforts however result in loss of communication from their home world, and the settlers instead select a new Empress. Imperial policy would change depending on the will of the Empress, as well as the state of the Lunar City. Imperial soldiery and scientists are in charge of fulfilling the massive need for Planetarium and energy to the Lunar City and her citizenry. Although it is common for the Rabbitish Empire to show hostility, they'll soon lose their aggression once they do not feel threatened or assisted by you.

Hostility or becoming a threat to the Rabbitish Empire would be a foolish endeavor. Should your settlement become both, be wary, for Rabbitish Empire is well-versed in warfare! They are responsible for the ends of many indigenous population, tribal or spacer.
Should they feel threatened, they will strike with all their might. It is strongly advised against committing to a match of firepower against the Rabbitish Empire, as it is their preferred method of combat. They'll be disadvantaged in close combat, however.
Their military consists of field units manned with mandatory-service citizenry as well as regular army equipped with power armor and orbital drop-pods.

Two Storytellers

Cele Jackrabbit - Cele Jackrabbit is a senior officer in the Rabbie Empire. Drink spice tea together in her flagship, and carefully listen to the War of the Rabbitish Empire and the history of blood (most events are replaced by raids, increasing in difficulty and preparing for war. )

Luna Jackrabbit - (Coming soon) Cele's sister, Luna, is Scientist of Dept.energysupply. She is working to cure the mental problems that Rabbie race has brought down from now on. she say quiet and clearly, but you will be listens to increasingly confusing and scary stories.

Various Pawn Customizing
Various ability-enhancing clothing
Over 120 backstories

Rabbie race mod allows you to customize your pawn by combining different pretty outfits and colors.

Give your pawns a unique personality by mixing different face, ear shapes and hairstyles.

All Rabbie apparel also fit perfectly with vanilla outfits, with proper in-game balancing.

Rabbie race mod seeks to enrich the enjoyment of vanilla play.

Rabbie race-specific gear and weapons are just one choice.

Rabbie's equipment is expensive and requires a long time to craft, and you will still need vanilla weapons and equipment to survive.

Also, other clothing and equipment mods can be used naturally.

Compatible Mod
  • DE Surgery
  • Evolved organ


Version 23.11.22 for RimWorld (v1.0-1.4)

  • Update for 1.4


Version 17.04.22 for RimWorld (v1.0-1.3)


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  • Author: Runne
  • Mod version: 28.04.23
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