Mod «Moyo-The cartel arrives» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Moyo-The cartel arrives

Another wave of moyos have risen to the surface, but its different this time. covered in black, ominous purple glow of the visor.

The Cartel has arrived.

Born with the crimes and smuggling, The Cartel started as a loose union of criminals and smugglers. And with the discovery of Deepblue, The Cartel has grew in power exponentially. The Cartel is now one of the main faction of the Lighthouse, even being a threat to the elders. Now they decided to expand their influence on the surface.

You may become their business partner or drive them off from the surface - the choice is yours.

== Contents ==

An add-on for Moyo-From the depth, this mod adds the Cartel, the other faction of the lighthouse.

  • The Cartel faction. More content comes with Royalty DLC
  • 6(7 with royalty) weapons
  • 11 apparels
  • drug synthesis machine
== To-do list ==
  • More cosmetic apparels
  • backstories exclusive for the Cartel
  • potentially a quest to interact with the Cartel


  • Moyo-From the depth

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