Mod «Kobold Factions» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Kobold Factions

At this point, Kobolds have been on the Rim for generations most likely. With the range of them being lovable lizards, to three feet of bastard, surely there would be more than only two types of tribes.
What about those who managed to make it past the neolethic age?
Well look no further cause this mod adds not one but four new factions, 16 backstories, and a playable faction!
First and foremost, Kobold Savages! A tribe of kobolds who find stealing isn't enough to sate them. They love the trill of battle!
Next we got the Medbolds! Coming in three different types. The peaceful Enclave, the fierce Empire, and the bloodthirsty Warmongers! There is also of course the option to play your own clan of kobold settlers. Will you unite the kobolds or conquer them all?
Huge thank you to LimeTreeSnake and Goob for letting me work on this! And another thank you to LimeTreeSnake for working on this with me, it's an honor!

Stay tuned. This may be the last add on but we are far from done with these little scaly gremlins.


  • Kobolds of the Rim

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