Mod «Empire Player Factions» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Empire Player Factions
At a glance
  • Shattered Empire player faction, made up of Empire commoners
  • Empire Defectors player faction, made up of Empire troopers
  • Growable Eltex, craftable Eltex gear and a new Eltex textile
  • Supports Medieval Empire Overhaul


This faction has a few advantages over New Arrivals. It is an ultratech faction, so there is no spacer research penalty. This faction has access to Eltex crafting by default. Although you are not in control of the entire interplanetary empire, your close relationship with the them and freeholder starting pawns will make acquiring permits and getting raid assistance much easier.

The starting scenario "Imperial Settlers" starts you off as an allied outpost for the Shattered Empire. Your starting pawns will closely resemble the commoners you'd find at a vanilla empire settlement.

As the name suggests, this faction is made up of imperial deserters. Your starting pawns, and all pawns generated for this faction, will closely resemble the AWOL imperial troopers found in "deserter" quests. Although the empire is permanently hostile towards this player faction, it carries all of the same advantages as the Shattered Empire player faction.

The starting scenario "Imperial Defectors" pits a squad of 3 well-armed troopers against a hostile rimworld. Because of your previous association with the empire, all factions start off hostile. You will need to repair your reputation with the natives, or destroy them, if you want to survive.


Eltex Crafting

This mod allows any player faction to craft Eltex gear. Empire factions meet the research requirements by default. Other factions, such as New Arrivals, need to apply a techprint first. The following gear is now craftable:

  • Eltex Staff
  • Eltex Helmet
  • Eltex Skullcap
  • Eltex Shirt
  • Eltex Vest
  • Eltex Robe

All recipes except for the Eltex Staff require Eltex fabric, which can be harvested from the Eltex bush. Any recipe that calls for fabric can be made with Eltex, albeit without the psychic advantages of Eltex psycaster apparel.

Requires: RimWorld - Royalty

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