Mod «Cossacks of the Rim» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.3)

Cossacks of the Rim

This mod brings the Cossacks into your Rimworld playthrough

This mod adds a new faction to your rimworld, a cossack hetmanate. Fiercely independent people who like to raid and steal, but can be made into trade partners and allies with the right touch. You'll be raided by, or trade with, if you get them to like you, peasants, cossack soldiers, and the not-really-nobility of the hetmanate, complete with unique weapons and outfits!

Also Adding two full outfits and two new weapons, so you can dress like one too, and to give you a bit of flavor that is surprisingly lacking in Rimworld, with no mods for cossacks existing, until now!

Cossack Peasant Outfit:
A floppy hat, dress, and coat. What you would normally expect a cossack to wear. Decent at insulation and okay at protection, but of course nowhere near as effective as actual armor.

Cossack Noble Outfit:
While cossacks didn't actually have much in the way of nobility, they certainly had very fancy dressers, like the leader of a cossack group, a hetman. This outfit probably isn't as functional as the one a peasant has, but it's much more stylish.

Cossack Sabre:
A simple sabre used for slashing and cutting, this will give serious cuts, but is awful at getting through armor of any kind. Best used on opponents with unprotected areas to cause lots of bleeding.

Cossack Noble Mace:
While not normally a weapon for fighting but rather a tool of authority, a mace is still a mace, and like any other of it's kind, it'll be able to do some damage to armored and unarmored opponents alike. Of course, it is a blunt weapon, so don't expect anyone to bleed out from being bashed.

Cossacks were migratory groups of people back in the 1600s, slavic back on earth, who were well known for their fierce independence, self-governance, and semi-democratic systems in stark contrast to the feudal world around them. On the rim, this usually holds much the same. Groups of people who rule themselves, and fiercely despise those who would enforce feudal hierarchy on them, much like the Empire that your Rimworld calls home. If you feel like playing the all too ignored early industrial part of technology that mods tend to sorely lack, this is right up your alley!

If you are worried about compatibility, this should be compatible with everything (Except Combat Extended) as well as able to be added into a savegame.

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