Mod «More Mechanitor Towers» for Rimworld (v1.4)

More Mechanitor Towers

Build Mechanitor Towers that can replicate the order signals to mechs.

  • Are you tired of having to stand near your battle mechanoids?
  • Does moving from your bed in the middle of the night just to tell some mechs where to go bother you?

Worry no longer! 'More Mechanitor Towers' is designed just for you, lazy mechanitors!

This mod adds multiple new buildings to help you with managing and enhancing your mechanoids, and to extend the range of control your mechanitors can have; while still balancing the strength of this mechanic in a new and interesting way. While the towers do increase the range of command your mechanitor may have, each tower can only command a set number of mechanoids within it's range.

Biotech DLC, Harmony, RimTerritory.

13.02.23 (1.4)


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