Mod «Windows» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)


Creatively named simply Windows, this mod just allows you to build the novel invention of a hole in the wall to allow some natural light and air in during the waking hours.

Changes in this fork
  • Performance overhaul: Every line of code has been reviewed and updated to any of the latest techniques available to improve performance. Tick pressure is around 5x quicker than before, along with reduced memory use, optimized texture dimensions and load processing times.

  • Seamless textures: Windows are seamlessly linked into the surrounding wall textures. Seamless edits were made by Yap, with further modification by me as well as including any missing textures.

  • Balance adjustment: All windows can now be made of any material walls can be made of, at a cost of 5 * tile (same as walls) + a fixed cost of steel for the window bits. Reinforced windows are made of plasteel instead of steel, locked behind a new technology, and they have been rebalanced to no longer be stronger than solid walls, but rather nearly as good as them.
  • Real Fog of War: Some harmless errors are produced on a save and reload.
  • Rimthreaded: Lighting issues. Under investigation...
  • Combat Extended: Its aiming system cannot work with shooting in or out of windows quite right.
Mod support
  • Glass+Lights
  • Just Glass
  • Dubs Skylights
  • Expanded Roofing
  • Raise the Roof
  • Better Pawn Control
  • RIMMSqol menu integration

File info

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