Mod «Designator Shapes» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.3)

Designator Shapes

Allows you to build, mine, zone, etc. in various shapes, such as (both filled and outline):
- Line (including diagonal)
- Rectangle
- Ellipse
- Circle
- Pentagon
- Hexagon
Also includes these pre-defined object shapes (both filled and outline):
- Sun lamp
- Orbital trade beacon

There's also a flood-fill tool, as well as undo/redo functionality when the game is paused.

To use:
- Select the task you want to do (build, mine, zone, etc.)
- Select the shape you want to draw in the shapes menu
-- Shapes with a "+" sign on them enter a sub-menu. Select the shape from within that menu
-- Some sub-menus have additional sub-menus. The "+" sign goes deeper into a sub-menu, the "-" sign goes back out
-- Within the rectangle and ellipse sub-menu are the "size input shapes" menu. From here you can define a width and height in the input menu and it will draw that shape in the given size from the middle.
- Use the rotate keys to rotate the shape
- Use the F key (or the key you have bound to "forbid item") to toggle filling of corners.
- There's a setting to allow you to add a "toggle" button that will collapse the menu and restore vanilla functionality.

There are settings you can adjust for flood-fill, the style of menu navigation, and the size and location of the shape menu. You can also drag the menu to put it wherever is most comfortable for you.

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