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ESCP - Trolls

A re-released version of MorrowRim Trolls. Do not upgrade to this version mid save from the old MorrowRim version. Or do if you want, I'm not your mum.

Adds in several types of troll that will spawn rarely in various biomes, both vanilla and modded. Trolls can be butchered for trolls blood, which can be used to make elixirs that heal bleeding wounds when consumed.

Certain trolls will only appear near specific tile features, such as rivers or caves. This can of course be disabled in the fancy new mod settings menu.


Trolls are thought to have diverged from apes sometime in the past. Likely a very long time ago, as the only remaining ape-like characteristics are their appearance. Most trolls are not particularly intelligent, though they more than make up for this in brute strength.

The blood of trollkin possesses strong regenerative abilities, allowing the troll to heal bleeding wounds relatively quickly. This blood may be harvested during butchering, and used to create elixirs of regeneration. If dealing with a particularly aggressive troll, it is best to set it on fire, as this will inhibit their regeneration.

Trolls are highly adaptable, and can be found in nearly every biome. While normal trolls make for tough foes, or pets, there are some trolls that are simply terrifyingly strong.

Anima troll:

An exceptionally rare troll that can only be encountered from a new incident. Anima trolls will periodically release a psychic pulse, greatly enhancing the healing capabilities of anyone nearby.

Afflicted troll hunts:

Every now and then someone will discover an afflicted troll, and put a bounty on its head. These quests can offer rather nice rewards to those that successfully complete them. Though be warned that afflicted trolls are far tougher than their non-afflicted bretheren.

This can of course be disabled in the fancy new mod settings menu.

Troll trophies:

Troll corpses can be used to make trophies at the art bench. These are rather nice to look at, and count for morbid meditation. Of course one could just collect them all.

Supported biome mods:

  • ReGrowth Aspen Forest
  • MorrowRim
  • Biomes! Islands, Chromatic Oasis
  • Winter Taiga Biome
  • More Vanilla Biomes
  • Advanced Biomes Continued
  • Alpha Biomes

Required: Harmony

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